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From Our Hearts and Minds To Your Closet ...

Founded by Jane Park in 1990 when she immigrated here from Brazil with her family, Unit Fashion Inc. has been an industry leader in the women’s wholesale clothing business for 30 years. Her son and daughter Leo and Andrea have joined the family business to continue to create brands that center around quality, fit, and trend at an affordable cost for women. We pride ourselves on truly understanding how confident good clothes can make women feel and the struggle to find clothes that fit and flatter women of all shapes and sizes, so we are proud to carry a range of styles that extend to our curvy women. We currently cater to boutiques across the US and abroad. Our three main brands are: Andrée by Unit, Savanna Jane, and our newest addition, Emily Wonder.

Andree By Unit:Launched in 2009 by her daughter Andrea, Andrée is an innovative feminine line that combines sassiness and sophistication with an everyday look. We cater to the growing demands of fast trends from the young contemporary. Wardrobe basics are given a fresh spin with subtle details, making them into perfect trendy pieces that’ll be suitable for all boutiques. We are fun, feminine, and free spirited!
Savanna Jane is a lifestyle brand dedicated to the bold and beautiful woman that our mother Jane has come to represent. Inspired by her free-spirited creativity, Savanna Jane pushes the boundaries of western couture with more than just the latest trends in mainstream fashion. The brand embodies a new-age twist to long-established western styles, incorporating a confident flair of boho chic, while still paying homage to western fashion. Savanna Jane is fearless, yet stylish. Original, yet timeless. Bold, yet feminine. Savanna Jane is one of a kind at its best.
emilywonder:Inspired by her granddaughter, Emily Wonder is our newest brand that embodies the free-spirit of our little wild flower Emily. The brand is whimsical, colorful, and bold with its endless patterns and vibrant prints in a range of easy-to-wear silhouettes that are perfect for any occasion.


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